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Computer And Cyber Crimes

Federal prosecutors and the FBI have been concentrating heavily in the past decade to combat various forms of computer crimes. Despite their access to sophisticated tools and other resources, their prosecutions often fail to support their conclusions or to discover and charge the individuals who actually committed the cyber crimes.

The most important thing you can do is to get an experienced and skillful criminal defense lawyer when being investigated for or upon arrest for a computer crime. Charles L. Truncale has been representing clients accused of computer crimes with a goal to provide the best advocacy possible to defend his clients’ freedom and to protect their futures.

Mr. Truncale has a reputation for being a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Florida and Georgia. He also has achieved outstanding results in computer crime cases by using superior quality cyber experts and knowledge gained from them in preparation for the trials of his clients.

Reversing A Cyber Crime Expert’s Analysis

Recently, the firm defended a client who was falsely accused in federal criminal court in Jacksonville with having hacked into and damaged the computer systems of a large domestic corporation. During the course of a weeklong trial, Mr. Truncale convinced the government’s cyber crimes expert to admit that his conclusions about the proof of the client’s alleged wrongdoing were totally wrong and could not serve as a basis for the indictment brought against him. Charlie pointed out that several other critically important theories advanced by the government about his client’s guilt could not be proven because they were unsupported by any evidence linking the client to the crime. Justice prevailed when the jury returned a not guilty verdict for the innocent client whose freedom and future were protected by having obtained a experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Computer crimes often are committed by intelligent criminals who have the knowledge and abilities to hide or dispose of evidence of their own guilt while directing authorities to false evidence against others who may have lawfully used the computer or accessed an online account. Much too often, law enforcement lacks the sophisticated skills to uncover the identity of the true criminal. Unfortunately, law enforcement often takes the easier approach to rely on the false case created by the criminal against an innocent person rather than to expend the resources necessary to discover the truth.

Computer hacking or unauthorized access of a computer network is one form of cyber crime. Identity theft, credit card theft, internet scams, and federal conspiracy and wire fraud charges related to these offenses all fall into the category of computer or cyber crimes.

A Commitment To Produce The Best Possible Outcomes

There are defenses to these charges that are not readily apparent to someone who is not trained in criminal defense law. It is important to contact a skilled and experienced attorney who will fight for your rights as soon as possible whether you are under federal or state investigation or have been arrested for the computer crime.

Get someone to defend your freedom and protect your future. Contact Charlie Truncale today at 904-469-0653 or email the firm to schedule a free consultation.