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Who Now Fights For Defendants

Weapons Charges Can Result In Severe Penalties

Any time a gun or weapon is involved in a violent incident or theft, the charges against the individual are automatically accelerated. Even if the incident did not result in harm to anyone else, the individual could face significant prison time if convicted. If anyone was hurt or killed, the stakes are even higher.

Attorney Charles L. Truncale aggressively fights on behalf of accused individuals. He has worked in criminal law for more than 30 years, including two decades of experience as a state and federal prosecutor. He understands how the state prosecutes these crimes and how to advocate on your behalf for the best possible result, given the circumstances. If the prosecutor will not provide a reasonable deal, he is prepared with the skill and experience needed to fight the matter in court.

If you have been charged with a gun or weapons crime, it is important that you seek the best representation possible to protect you from serious prison time. Call Charles L. Truncale, P.A., today at 904-469-0653.

We Work To Minimize The Impact Of Charges

Mr. Truncale has represented individuals facing all forms of weapons charges, including:

  • Homicide or murder
  • Aggravated assault
  • Aggravated battery

Not every attorney has the experience necessary to try cases of this magnitude. Trusting an inexperienced lawyer could put your future in serious jeopardy. No matter how serious the charges, Mr. Truncale has the experience needed to aggressively fight on your behalf. He will put together the evidence to create a strategic defense. He has achieved acquittals and minimized sentencing for clients and is prepared to try any case before a jury.

You May Be Charged For Having A Firearm

Jacksonville has many violent areas, and some residents feel the need to keep a gun or weapon for self defense. If you have a felony or previous conviction, it is illegal to be caught with a gun or have one in your home. This could result in extended jail time. Mr. Truncale will zealously advocate on your behalf for the best possible outcome.

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