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A Domestic Assault Conviction Can Result In A Lot More Than Jail Time

Florida lawmakers treat domestic violence as the serious crime it is. Penalties not only include up to a year in jail and stiff fines, but also the loss of important civil liberties such as the right to carry a concealed weapon. If you are convicted, a no-contact order will also prevent you from living in your family home and will make seeing your children difficult.

The law office of Charles L. Truncale, P.A., treats domestic assault seriously as well. Mr. Truncale, a former state and federal prosecutor, understands the severity of domestic violence, but he also knows there is a lot of gray area in domestic disputes, and accusations of assault are not always accurate. The firm is committed to providing assertive defense to individuals who face domestic battery charges.

If you face domestic assault charges, it is important to enlist the services of a knowledgeable attorney like Mr. Truncale early in the process. Presenting facts about your defense to prosecutors may help them determine if the case is worth prosecuting. Mr. Truncale‘s experience as a prosecutor provides insight into factors that can result in a case being dropped or charges reduced.

Domestic violence includes offenses committed against a spouse, a former spouse, others who are related by blood, someone who has lived in the house as family or someone with whom the accused shares a child.

Abuse Is Not Just Physical

Domestic abuse can entail more than physical assault. It may involve emotional abuse that leads to psychological trauma, economic abuse (exerting total control over household finances), sexual abuse or even verbal abuse.

Understanding Orders Of Protection

In addition to criminal assault charges, a person accused of domestic violence may also face a protection order that prohibits contact with the alleged victim. This is a civil matter that is separate from the criminal charge, but it also poses serious consequences. Protection orders can result in loss of custody or visitation rights. Mr. Truncale will represent you regarding a protection order.

Domestic Assault Cannot Be Expunged

It is important to know that under Florida law, a guilty or no-contest plea to domestic violence cannot be sealed or expunged. This can have long-term negative implications regarding your career. It is always smart to confer with a criminal defense lawyer who can explain any short-term and long-term consequences before agreeing to any plea agreement.

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