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Under Florida law, aggravated assault involves assault or the threat of assault with a deadly weapon or assault with a conscious intent to commit a felony. Creating a reasonable fear that violence or harm is imminent is enough to be convicted of aggravated assault.

A conviction of aggravated assault will go on your permanent criminal record. Even first-time offenders will be unable to have their conviction expunged or the court records sealed. That is why it is important to enlist the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney if you face aggravated assault charges or any assault charges.

Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer Charles L. Truncale brings more than three decades of legal experience to his criminal defense law practice. Mr. Truncale served as a state and federal prosecutor for 23 years before founding his own criminal defense law firm. This provides him valuable insight into how prosecutors build their case and how to defend against criminal charges.

Conviction Can Turn Your Life Upside Down

Aggravated assault is a third-degree felony that is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. If you have a prior criminal record, these charges can be enhanced and the penalties become tougher.

These charges often stem from arguments that turn into physical fights or the threat of doing someone harm. There are effective defense strategies against many aggravated assault charges. For example, you may have felt threatened and felt it was necessary to defend yourself.

When you meet with Mr. Truncale, he will listen carefully to your version of the incident and conduct his own investigation. His objective is to minimize the impact any criminal charge has on your life, whether that is through court dismissal of your case or working to reach an agreement and avoid trial.

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