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Violent Crimes Charges Require Experienced Legal Defense

For knowledgeable, experienced, and highly professional defense of the most serious violent crime charges, including murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault and battery, robbery, rape and Kidnaping, contact Jacksonville criminal defense attorney Charles L. Truncale for a free initial phone consultation-any time, day or night.

With more than 30 years of criminal trial experience, Mr. Truncale has a detailed understanding of the criminal justice system that can help you achieve the best results possible under the facts of your case and relevant law. No matter what violent crime you have been charged with, Charlie Truncale will develop a defense strategy that offers the most promise in your circumstances, and execute it diligently and skillfully.

Among the violent crimes he can help you face are the following:

  • Murder, homicide, manslaughter, and accessory or aiding and
    abetting charges related to homicide
  • Kidnapping or carjacking
  • Armed robbery or bank robbery
  • Assault, battery, or aggravated assault charges
  • Domestic violence charges, such as domestic battery or assault crimes
  • State or federal weapons offenses
  • Sexual assault or rape charges

Experienced Litigator In State And Federal Courts

In preparing your defense to serious criminal charges in a state or federal court, Mr. Truncale will strive to make the most of the evidence and procedural options presented by your case. If the help of private investigators or forensic experts will help develop your defense, his experience with complex evidence can give you an advantage. If a defense based on mental illness can help either to avoid a guilty verdict or to obtain more lenient treatment in sentencing, Mr. Truncale can develop and present that case as well.

In addition to providing your defense at trial, Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer Charlie Truncale also can represent you at a bail or bond hearing, in a probation revocation hearing based on a weapons charge or violent offense, during appeal, or in post conviction proceedings. He also defends persons accused of sex offenses. Many state and federal sex crimes carry minimum mandatory sentences, and the advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid the worst consequences and penalties.

Let Us Review The Facts Of Your Case

Charlie Truncale’s criminal defense philosophy focuses squarely on the best interests of the client, from the beginning of the case to its final resolution. To learn more about his ability to protect your freedom and expand your options when facing a difficult charge of homicide or any other violent crime, contact his law firm in Jacksonville for a free initial phone consultation.