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January 2019 Archives

The dangers of mixing teens and drugs

There are many reasons parents in Florida should be concerned if their teenage children are using prohibited substances like marijuana or prescription drugs. Another worry to add to the list is that teens who share narcotics with each other can face drug dealing charges. This applies even when teens share drugs for free. Furthermore, homicide charges may be brought against a teen who shares drugs with someone who falls victim to an overdose.

Man facing drug charges after unusual traffic stop

A man was arrested on Jan. 5 after a police traffic stop on Highway 29 led to Florida Highway Patrol officers discovering methamphetamine, cocaine, spice and other controlled substances in the man's car. The man's white Cadillac sedan began to attract attention when it remained stopped at a traffic light on the highway after the signal turned green. Cars began to move around the vehicle on all sides, and the car was beginning to obstruct traffic.

How people can appeal a criminal conviction

People in Florida who have been convicted of a crime may look toward the potential to appeal the conviction and obtain relief from their sentence. The U.S. justice system generally tends to uphold trial court decisions, so moving for an appeal can be an uphill battle. In order for a higher court to hear an appeal, the appealing party must be able to show that some form of material error was made at the trial level.

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