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Florida man busted after flushing cocaine down toilet

On Oct. 11, Florida authorities arrested a man for allegedly trying to flush cocaine down the toilet in his home. The incident occurred in Sarasota.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, detectives attempted to serve a search warrant at the defendant’s property, which is located on the 3100 block of Claude Lane. However, upon seeing their arrival, the 39-year-old reportedly dashed from his bedroom to his bathroom. Once he was apprehended, detectives noticed that his left hand was wet and discovered that the bathroom floor was flooded with water. An empty bag was found near the toilet, and cocaine residue was allegedly detected on the toilet and on the bathroom floor.

A search of the property reportedly yielded cocaine, approximately $16,730 in cash, sandwich baggies and vacuum-sealed bags for packaging, and inositol powder, which is sometimes mixed with cocaine. Detectives said the defendant admitted that he flushed cocaine down the toilet. They also said he claimed ownership of the drugs and cash found in his home.

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