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Are you eligible for expungement?

After an arrest, you may find it difficult to get back to your everyday life. Most employers have employees complete criminal background checks, which may show any arrest(s). This can make it difficult to find employment, even if you did not face conviction.

Individuals who are arrested for a DUI or drug possession may seek expunction. Fortunately, Florida makes it possible for eligible individuals to expunge their record, which will remove arrests on your criminal record from public view.

You are eligible for expungement in Florida if…

  • A judge did not convict you: If an officer arrests you for a crime, but a judge does not find you guilty or dismisses/ drops your case, you may be able to apply for expungement.
  • Record has been sealed for 10 or more years

You are not eligible for expungement in Florida if…

  • You have prior charges on your record: You can only have one crime expunged from your record.
  • A judge convicts you of the crime
  • You are currently on probation

Offenses that do not qualify for expungement

While there are numerous crimes that you can have expunged from your record, there are certain severe offenses that you cannot have expunged from your record, such as:

  • Murder
  • Sex crimes
  • Serious weapons charges
  • Terrorism

If you believe that you are eligible for expungement, you can fill out an expungement qualification form. A criminal record can follow you around for your entire life, which is why many individuals find expungement beneficial.