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Drunk driving witness charged with DUI

A man who witnessed a driver operating a truck while impaired was mistakenly taken into custody by Florida authorities. The man was at the intersection of Cortez Road and 14th Street when he saw the truck run a red light. He decided to follow the vehicle until it came to a stop in a Taco Bell parking lot. The driver chose to leave the scene, which prompted the witness to find a police officer.

The witness then gave a statement and figured that his involvement was over. However, it turned out that a warrant was issued in his name, and the warrant was discovered when he helped police during another drunk driving incident. This was because both the driver and the witness of the March 2018 event had the same first name. Authorities took the witness to jail where he posted a $120 bond and was released several hours later.

Although the record was corrected on Aug. 22 to show who was actually charged with a crime, the witness said that he has counsel. He says that the incident damaged his reputation as a business person and has caused issues with his family. The man cited his inability to rent a home because the charge shows up on background checks despite the fact that authorities acknowledge that he hadn’t committed an offense.

Individuals who are charged with drunk driving may benefit from a DUI defense attorney. There may be many ways to defend against a DUI charge such as asserting that a person was charged based on mistaken identity. If that is the case, it may be possible to have the charge sealed or expunged. Legal counsel for a defendant may also ask for a plea agreement depending on the facts of a given case.