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Florida traffic stop results in man dumping drugs in bushes

According to Martin County Sheriff’s Deputies, the passenger of a vehicle that they had stopped on July 16 near the Roosevelt Bridge in Fort Pierce attempted to hide drugs and gold dental decorations in the bushes after fleeing the scene. Deputies stopped the vehicle because they measured it moving at a rate of 98 mph in a 45 mph zone.

During the traffic stop, deputies said that they smelled marijuana. They then began to search the passenger, a 21-year-old man who lives in Fort Pierce. When they asked him to empty his pockets, he ran away.

After deputies caught up to him, they discovered that he had dumped out baggies of cocaine, MDMA and marijuana along with gold dental pieces. MDMA, which also goes by the names of ecstasy and molly, is a synthetic mood-altering drug. Deputies claimed that he resisted arrest violently, which added to his charges. Authorities jailed him in the Martin County Jail and set bail at $28,250.

After an arrest for drug crimes, an alleged offender could seek representation from a criminal defense attorney. Legal advice might help a defendant understand what is happening in court and make choices about how to enter a plea. An attorney could develop a defense strategy if evidence appears open to challenge or law enforcement violated a person’s Constitutional rights. The intervention of an attorney could convince a prosecutor to reduce or drop charges. A plea deal with a light sentence might emerge after an attorney speaks with a prosecutor. Alternatively, if a defendant chooses to go to trial, an attorney could strive to cast doubt on the evidence.