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July 2018 Archives

Florida traffic stop results in man dumping drugs in bushes

According to Martin County Sheriff's Deputies, the passenger of a vehicle that they had stopped on July 16 near the Roosevelt Bridge in Fort Pierce attempted to hide drugs and gold dental decorations in the bushes after fleeing the scene. Deputies stopped the vehicle because they measured it moving at a rate of 98 mph in a 45 mph zone.

How to cast doubt on a Breathalyzer test

In Florida , a driver is said to be too impaired to drive if his or her blood alcohol content is at .08 percent or higher. One way that a person's BAC is measured is by using a Breathlyzer test. This test involves a person blowing into a machine to get an estimate as to how much alcohol that person has had to drink.

The right to counsel during post-conviction proceedings

Although many Florida residents who are convicted on criminal charges feel that they have reached the end of their cases, there are several post-conviction proceedings that could result in a shortened sentence. In rare cases, a person's sentence may be eliminated altogether.

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