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The hidden costs of a criminal record

The upfront fees and costs of an arrest and conviction are obvious: court fees, fines, penalties and so on. The list is long.

What people don’t consider is the hidden costs of your record after a conviction. A criminal record affects everything from what jobs you can apply for to what college you can attend.

It’s a big deal.

Here are three areas of your life that a criminal conviction can affect:


Rental prices in Jacksonville are on the rise, and finding a place to live can be difficult. A criminal conviction can give landlords a reason to disqualify you altogether

Most landlords run background checks when processing rental applications. When there’s competition for rentals, they can use a criminal history to rent a property to someone else.

Furthermore, some public housing programs won’t allow anyone with a criminal record to stay at their properties.

Even if the primary renter has no criminal history, they cannot allow relatives or spouses with histories to live with them.


Job hunting is stressful in the best conditions, but a criminal record bars you from some positions. It doesn’t matter how qualified you are.

This can mean taking a lower-paying job simply because of a record.

According to the Atlantic, state hiring laws prohibit hiring people with specific convictions. These laws apply to over 800 occupations across the United States.


Many people are eager to start over following an arrest. Going back to college can be a great way to gain new skills and open yourself up to new job opportunities.

Unfortunately, a criminal record limits the options for college choices. Around two-thirds of colleges use a background check when processing admissions.

Some federal grant programs are off limits to people who have felony drug convictions, making it hard to afford college.

While an arrest is bad, when you factor in the costs of having a criminal history, a conviction is worse.

If you or someone you know is arrested, a skilled attorney can help minimize the impact on your life in the short and long term.