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Authorities take 5 people into custody on drug charges

On May 22, Florida law enforcement took five people into custody after they were accused of being in possession of marijuana and cocaine. Deputies with the Hendry Sheriff’s Office claimed that the five individuals, aged between 18 and 26, were also found to be in possession of firearms and drug money in addition to the drugs.

The residence where the five individuals were found was located on Bridle Way in LaBelle. Authorities reported that drugs were found inside three vehicles that were on the property. One of the handguns that individuals were in possession of was reportedly determined to be stolen from Palm Bay. The authorities said that they were investigating whether certain electronics found in the home, which included laptops and TVs, were also stolen.

Authorities claim to have found 7 grams of cocaine, which had a street value of about $375, 281 grams of marijuana and 9 Xanax pills. The guns included four rifles and two handguns. All five of the individuals were charged with drug possession crimes, which included possession of cocaine and marijuana with intent to sell. Three of the individuals posted bond or bail. One individual, age 18, was also charged under the Widman Act and remained in jail. The fifth person was being held on $126,000 bail.

In Florida, allegations of drug crimes are taken seriously, resulting in potential consequences that could include a jail sentence, probation and a criminal record. A criminal law attorney may go over the investigation and look for weak spots or instances when authorities may not have followed proper procedures. If other individuals were involved in the case, the attorney may also argue that the alleged drugs did not belong to a particular person or that there was no evidence connecting the drugs to the accused person.

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