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Port Charlotte home search leads to drug dealing charge

A 44-year-old Port Charlotte woman went to jail April 5 after law enforcement executed a search warrant on her residence. According to statements from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit, agents had been investigating her for an extended period. She now faces multiple drug charges, including cocaine trafficking, possessing marijuana for the purpose of selling and possession of cannabis extracts and MDMA.

Law enforcement reported finding documentation about drug transactions and small baggies associated with packaging drugs for sale. Tests confirmed that white powder on a mirror was cocaine, and a bag holding 21.2 grams of cocaine was taken from her desk. Prescription pills, THC vaping oil and marijuana were found in her bedroom. Investigators also took $9,095 from a safe in her home.

A spokesperson from the sheriff’s department said that the agency focuses its attention on drug dealers. When deputies encounter street level drug users, they urge them to provide detectives with information about the sources of their drugs. The department also strives to direct people in possession of small amounts of drugs into drug treatment programs.

Following an arrest for drug crimes, the alleged offender has the right to legal representation. An attorney could take steps to protect the defendant’s rights within the criminal justice system. For example, legal counsel might scrutinize the actions of local law enforcement to see if searches and seizures were conducted lawfully. Any violations might weaken the criminal case and enable the defendant to avoid a harsh sentence. In many cases, a plea deal represents the best potential option.