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Woman arrested for drunk driving while shopping for more wine

A Florida supermarket parking lot was the scene of a car accident and a drunk driving arrest. The Cape Coral police responded to a call from a customer at the Publix located on the Cape Coral Parkway. The customer’s vehicle had been damaged in the parking lot. As the police recorded the report, a 50-year-old woman came out of the store. She put a brown paper bag in her car and told police that she had hit the other person’s vehicle.

According to police officers, the woman appeared to have trouble maintaining her balance. They also smelled alcohol on her. After emergency medical personnel said that the woman did not appear to have a medical problem, police conducted sobriety tests. According to their report, she failed all of them.

Police then searched the woman’s vehicle and recovered an empty Chardonnay bottle and a full bottle of Moscato that she had just bought. They arrested her and took her to the Lee County Jail. Authorities have issued DUI and hit-and-run charges against her.

A person who is facing criminal charges like these might want representation from an attorney who is familiar with drunk driving and drug crimes. With legal representation, a person could learn about the possible penalties of a conviction before entering a guilty plea. A lawyer might also propose strategies for defending someone against drug charges. The circumstances of a search and seizure might reveal violations of a person’s constitutional rights that an attorney could use to challenge the prosecutor. This effort might result in a case dismissal or enable a lawyer to secure a plea deal for reduced charges for his or her client.

Source: WPTV, “Police: Drunk Florida woman crashes car in Publix parking lot, buys more wine“, March 6, 2018