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Ocala teacher charged with meth sales

Florida parents may be shocked to learn a second grade teacher has been arrested and charged with sale and possession of methamphetamine. According to public records, the Marion County educator and two others were taken into custody after an investigation by the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team (UDEST) and the Ocala Police Department.

After receiving information about the sale of controlled substances at a 10th Street residence, UDEST officials employed an undercover operation, which included the purchase of 49 grams of methamphetamine at the location. A search warrant was obtained, and a 6 a.m. raid by Ocala SWAT team members resulted in the arrests along with the discovery of multiple weapons, scales allegedly used in the sale of drugs, and other paraphernalia. Officers seized over $1000 in cash and two vehicles from the residence.

Marion County School Board officials are aware of the arrest and have placed the teacher on leave pending adjudication of the pending charges. The teacher served a five-day suspension last year for failing to report a student in possession of a BB gun on school property. In April of 2017, she was charged with DUI, which led to losing her drivers’ license for six months after a guilty plea. Although her current leave is with pay, it could be re-classified as without pay if the board approves.

Being charged with any criminal offense is a serious matter that can have long-term implications regarding employment, residence, and educational prospects. Where police informants are used, authorities must make sure those sources are credible and reliable before seeking warrants. In executing warrants, police must follow strict procedures to avoid exceeding the limit of their authority. Getting a consultation from a qualified and experienced criminal law attorney may help someone charged with an offense get clear perspective regarding their options.