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Florida couple hit with drug charges after undercover deal

A couple in Florida is facing drug charges after they allegedly sold cocaine in a Walgreens bathroom on March 1. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said that they sold cocaine to an undercover operative posing as a buyer inside the bathrooms of the popular pharmacy chain.

A police spokesperson said that the two arrests came as part of an undercover investigation that began earlier in the year to track drug crimes in the Florida Keys area. The undercover agent called the man, claiming that he wanted to purchase cocaine. While on the same phone call, the man handed over his phone to the woman, who allegedly set up the time and place for the drug sale to take place.

The arrest came after the couple sold cocaine to the undercover agent in exchange for $100. The drug deal itself took place in the Walgreens bathroom located in Marathon, according to police. According to place, the transaction was recorded on video by the undercover agent, police said. The recording showed the man entering the bathroom; although, it is unclear if it also showed the exchange of drugs and money.

For people in Florida facing drug charges, legal representation can be particularly important. Even smaller possession and distribution charges can lead to aggressive prosecution. Sentencing requests can be particularly lengthy. This means that even first-time offenders facing drug charges could be dealing with prison time and a felony criminal record. A criminal attorney can challenge police practices that led to a search or seizure and help a client charged with drug offenses present a strong defense before trial and in the courtroom.