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February 2018 Archives

Police claim drunk driver dropped child off at school

A 911 call summoned law enforcement to the vicinity of Trinity Church on Spring Lake Road to investigate an erratic driver in Lake County. A Fruitland Park police officer responding to the scene found a man slumped at the wheel of a stationary white Chevy. According to the police report, the driver woke up, put the vehicle into gear and drove into a wooden fence. The man became belligerent with the police, but law enforcement managed to perform a breath test on him that produced a blood alcohol level of .233, which is substantially higher than the Florida legal limit of .08.

What are my rights during a traffic stop?

Being pulled over can be stressful -- even if you’ve done nothing wrong. During the stop, officers may ask you questions that seem innocent enough such as, “Where are you heading?” or “Do you know why I pulled you over?” These questions can be overwhelming for anyone.

Florida man charged with drug trafficking

On Jan. 19, it was reported that authorities have been observing what they say are numerous large-scale drug transactions occurring at the home of a 57-year-old Florida man. According to the investigators, the man was allegedly the leader of a methamphetamine and cocaine distribution ring that was being run at the Tallahassee home.

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