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Woman arrested for drunk driving while shopping for more wine

A Florida supermarket parking lot was the scene of a car accident and a drunk driving arrest. The Cape Coral police responded to a call from a customer at the Publix located on the Cape Coral Parkway. The customer's vehicle had been damaged in the parking lot. As the police recorded the report, a 50-year-old woman came out of the store. She put a brown paper bag in her car and told police that she had hit the other person's vehicle.

According to police officers, the woman appeared to have trouble maintaining her balance. They also smelled alcohol on her. After emergency medical personnel said that the woman did not appear to have a medical problem, police conducted sobriety tests. According to their report, she failed all of them.

Florida county introduces recidivism program for DUI offenders

A new program offers DUI offenders a second chance

The traditional criminal justice model often punishes offenders of drug- and alcohol-related crimes by imposing lengthy jail sentences. These types of traditional sentences can leave offenders with few opportunities to receive assistance in correcting their behavior.

Florida couple hit with drug charges after undercover deal

A couple in Florida is facing drug charges after they allegedly sold cocaine in a Walgreens bathroom on March 1. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office said that they sold cocaine to an undercover operative posing as a buyer inside the bathrooms of the popular pharmacy chain.

A police spokesperson said that the two arrests came as part of an undercover investigation that began earlier in the year to track drug crimes in the Florida Keys area. The undercover agent called the man, claiming that he wanted to purchase cocaine. While on the same phone call, the man handed over his phone to the woman, who allegedly set up the time and place for the drug sale to take place.

Ocala teacher charged with meth sales

Florida parents may be shocked to learn a second grade teacher has been arrested and charged with sale and possession of methamphetamine. According to public records, the Marion County educator and two others were taken into custody after an investigation by the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team (UDEST) and the Ocala Police Department.

After receiving information about the sale of controlled substances at a 10th Street residence, UDEST officials employed an undercover operation, which included the purchase of 49 grams of methamphetamine at the location. A search warrant was obtained, and a 6 a.m. raid by Ocala SWAT team members resulted in the arrests along with the discovery of multiple weapons, scales allegedly used in the sale of drugs, and other paraphernalia. Officers seized over $1000 in cash and two vehicles from the residence.

Police: Florida hotel manager sold drugs from lobby

Law enforcement authorities with the Fort Walton Beach Police Department arrested a 53-year-old man who worked as the manager of the Holiday Lodge and Suites for allegedly selling drugs in the lobby. The incident happened on Feb. 13.

According to the police, they executed a search warrant of the hotel and of Room 205. Officers reportedly found multiple drugs, including fentanyl, methamphetamine and marijuana. They also found drug paraphernalia and equipment that is used to package drugs.

Florida State University football players charged with drugs

According to court records, two Florida State University football players have been charged with drug offenses. The incident that led to the charges took place on Jan. 31, 2018.

Tallahassee police officers reportedly saw a car that was driving on Hayden Road with no headlights on. The vehicle then was parked across from Doak Campbell Stadium in an area that was poorly lit. Police officers approached the vehicle and stated that they smelled marijuana emanating from the car. Officers report that they could see the car's driver smoking a blunt as they walked up to the car.

Police claim drunk driver dropped child off at school

A 911 call summoned law enforcement to the vicinity of Trinity Church on Spring Lake Road to investigate an erratic driver in Lake County. A Fruitland Park police officer responding to the scene found a man slumped at the wheel of a stationary white Chevy. According to the police report, the driver woke up, put the vehicle into gear and drove into a wooden fence. The man became belligerent with the police, but law enforcement managed to perform a breath test on him that produced a blood alcohol level of .233, which is substantially higher than the Florida legal limit of .08.

Witnesses interviewed by police officers described the man's actions prior to their arrival. They reported that a child exited his vehicle and entered the nearby school. Before dropping off the child, three vehicles barely avoided head-on collisions with the white Chevy.

What are my rights during a traffic stop?

Being pulled over can be stressful -- even if you’ve done nothing wrong. During the stop, officers may ask you questions that seem innocent enough such as, “Where are you heading?” or “Do you know why I pulled you over?” These questions can be overwhelming for anyone.

Do you have to answer their questions?

Florida man charged with drug trafficking

On Jan. 19, it was reported that authorities have been observing what they say are numerous large-scale drug transactions occurring at the home of a 57-year-old Florida man. According to the investigators, the man was allegedly the leader of a methamphetamine and cocaine distribution ring that was being run at the Tallahassee home.

During the five-month investigation, the DEA Task Force investigators used surveillance cameras on the 8.23-acre property to capture what were claimed to be more than 50 drug transactions. Informants were also used to identify people who were said to be transporting drugs onto and off of the property.

Prescription pain reliever abuse is a problem

Chances are if you have ever had major surgery or experienced an accident that landed you in the hospital you have been prescribed painkillers. While opioids are very effective at helping to eliminate pain, people can quickly begin to depend on them. As their tolerance grows, so does their need and consumption. Drug addiction is a complex disease and quitting takes more than willpower. Often the constant use of drugs can change the brain’s chemistry, making it all the more difficult to stop using.

Opioids: a different class of drug

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