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A Knowledgeable Advocate In The Appeals Process

Overturning a federal criminal conviction is one of the most challenging endeavors in the entire legal system. It is important to seek representation from an attorney with federal criminal trial experience and a track record in the federal criminal justice system.

Charles L. Truncale served for 23 years as an assistant United States attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice. Now, he represents clients in the federal courts in complex appeals. He has personally handled over 200 appeals before the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and has over 30 published opinions in the federal reporter system. Contact Charles L. Truncale today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Appealing A Criminal Conviction

In order to appeal a criminal conviction, there must be evidence indicating a defendant did not receive a fair trial. Grounds for an appeal include procedural issues, such as mistakes on the part of a judge or wrongdoing on the part of prosecutors and law enforcement. For example, grounds for a new trial exist where the prosecutor or the FBI withholds or falsifies evidence, where a witness commits perjury, or the judge improperly admits highly prejudicial evidence or excludes evidence favorable to the defendant. Whether you need representation on appeal to reverse a federal criminal conviction or need to pursue a post conviction remedy following a conviction by trial or by a guilty plea pursuant to a plea agreement, Mr. Truncale will review all possible remedies in your case.

Mistakes At Trial

In a direct federal appeal, it is crucial to examine the entire trial record for legal errors in evidentiary rulings, joinder of defendants and jury instructions. It is also important to carefully review the facts of the case and all the evidence in the record. We’ll try to see where your trial lawyer could have done a better job of attacking or undermining evidence or testimony. If there is a basis for relief on appeal Charlie Truncale will find it.

Habeas Corpus — Post-Conviction Relief

As an experienced criminal appellate lawyer Charles Truncale also represent clients in habeas corpus actions after the exhaustion of direct appeals in both the state and federal court system. If you need a habeas petition filed under either Section 2254 or Section 2255, contact Mr. Truncale today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.