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Many state and federal charges involve not only the proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the criminal charges against you, but also the confiscation of property in a separate civil forfeiture proceeding with a much lighter burden of proof. If the government can show that certain of your assets, such as motor vehicles, cash, boats, bank deposits, or even your house, either were obtained with the proceeds of unlawful activity, or were used in the commission of an offense, then it's up to you to prove that the assets were legitimately obtained and not knowingly used to break the law.

Civil, State, and Federal Asset Forfeiture Experience

If you need to recover property that has been confiscated in a state or federal asset forfeiture in Florida, Alabama, or Georgia, contact the Jacksonville office of Charles L. Truncale for dependable advice and highly skilled representation. His understanding of the law of civil forfeiture at both the state and federal levels can help you recover your property, both while the criminal case is pending, or on appeal.

Asset forfeiture can be pursued by the government whenever it suspects that the property involved was obtained with drug trafficking money, as the result of fraud or money laundering, or through any number of other illegal schemes. Once the government shows the required relationship between the assets seized and the unlawful conduct alleged, as in the case of a boat confiscated in a drug smuggling operation, it is up to the owner to prove a legitimate source for the property, or that its use in the commission of a crime was unauthorized.

Criminal defense attorney Charlie Truncale has abundant experience in asset forfeiture cases and in the negotiation of full or partial returns of seized property on the grounds of hardship, uncertain proof of a connection to criminal activity, or in the strongest cases, a documented showing of a legitimate source.

While proof of the underlying criminal activity is generally satisfied by a criminal conviction at trial or a guilty plea, there is often considerable room for argument as to which or how much property is subject to forfeiture. In many cases, it will be important to negotiate the terms of an asset forfeiture action at the same time a plea agreement is under discussion on the criminal charges. An experienced lawyer's ability to represent the whole range of your interests can help you achieve a favorable result in both the criminal matter and the civil forfeiture.

Charlie Truncale holds an AV Preeminent Rating* by Martindale-Hubbell, a prominent legal firm directory. The AV Preeminent Rating* is the highest rating for lawyers based on excellence in skills and integrity. To benefit from the experience of Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer Charlie Truncale in asset forfeiture proceedings, contact his office for a consultation about your legal options.

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