Jacksonville Drug Crime Lawyer

The state of Florida severely prosecutes drug offenses, bringing aggressive charges and sentencing against those accused of violating its stringent drug laws. If you have been charged with a drug crime, you could be facing serious time in prison. It is important that you have a lawyer who is prepared with the experience and skill needed to withstand the pressure of serious drug cases and who is equipped to try the case before a jury.

Drug Crimes Lawyer — Experienced, Aggressive Representation

Charles L. Truncale has successfully represented clients facing some of the most severe drug charges, including large-scale trafficking. Before becoming a defense attorney, he spent 23 years serving as a state and federal prosecutor. He understands how the government works to aggressively prosecute serious drug cases, and can craft strategic defenses that protect your interests, even if the case goes to federal court.

If you are facing drug charges, choose an attorney you can trust to protect your future and minimize the sentencing you could face. Call Jacksonville drug defense attorney Charles L. Truncale, P.A., today at 904-469-0653.

He has represented clients facing all types of drug crimes, including:

No matter the substance or quantity involved in your case, Mr. Truncale has the experience and ability in trial you need when facing extraordinary sentencing. He has a proven track record of successful verdicts.