Protect Your Rights Following A DUI Arrest

Florida has some of the toughest DUI or drunk driving laws in the country. Also, law enforcement officers in Jacksonville are particularly aggressive in enforcing the DUI laws. If a local officer or state trooper pulls you over and arrests you for a DUI offense, you're going to need a skilled local lawyer to meet the challenges ahead. Charlie Truncale has been representing clients accused with DUI offenses with a goal to provide the best advocacy possible to defend his clients' freedom and to protect their futures.

Jacksonville attorney Charles L. Truncale has a reputation for being an experienced and thorough criminal defense lawyer. North Florida and Georgia clients have experienced what Charlie Truncale has achieved for them, including some outstanding results in DUI cases, including having a third DUI criminal charge reduced to a reckless driving charge with no adjudication of guilt when the client was apprehended driving on the wrong side of the highway against oncoming traffic. In another case, Charlie obtained no adjudication of guilt and probation on charges of DUI and leaving the scene of an accident with serious bodily injuries.

You Can Fight A DUI

The important thing to remember is that there are defenses to drunk driving charges and that you need to contact a skilled attorney who will fight for your rights as soon as possible.

Pleading guilty or no contest to a criminal offense or DUI charge can have serious effects on your future. There are many requirements of proof and evidentiary issues that the State must overcome to prove a defendant's guilt. Often evidence is suppressed (or thrown out) because of improper police conduct. Often police officers' claims that a defendant failed a sobriety test are shown to be false. Often the results of breath tests are excluded due to improper administration of the test or inaccurate testing equipment. In many instances, the State cannot prove a case due to illegalities in the investigative and arresting process that just are not apparent to a person who is not a trained and experienced criminal lawyer. In many cases, experts hired on your behalf can establish that even if you drank alcoholic beverages over a course of a few hours, the alcohol in your blood system would have been completely metabolized (or gone) by the time you were driving.

Don't Lose Your License

When you are arrested for drunk driving, you are on a 10-day clock in which you can still drive even though your driver's licence has been seized. You can request a formal administrative hearing with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles to determine whether you can continue to keep your driving privileges apart from the outcome of the criminal proceedings. At that hearing, your criminal defense lawyer gets to obtain a wealth of evidence about your criminal case and gets to pin down the arresting officer under oath making it much harder for the officer to add false testimony later in the criminal case as often happens.

Get someone to defend your freedom and protect your future.

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